Public Animals

(…) Theriomorphic hybridization refers neither to mythology nor to biotechnological practices, it has nothing to do with the monstrous, it is not a dérive or a threat to an alleged purity of the human, but rather an ordinary, common and inevitable condition. It is a mirror that reveals our inherently hybrid status to us. (…) Roberto Marchesini, Manifesto teriomorfista, 2022


Hotel/Mirror, 2009. Lambda print, cm 80 x 160

Site specific installation at Hotel Novecento, Piazza Galileo, Bologna, 2009. A manipulated digital photograph reflects the hotel reception as a surrealistic mirror. Made for Non solo pop, group show of site specific art projects curated by Fabrizio Savigni. Special thanks to receptionist Francesco and guests Paoli, Alisson, Alla, Gunther, Emiliano, Christian, Valeria, Roxy.


Licantrometropo, 2021, inkjet print


Nostalghia, 2010 inkjet print, cm 84 x 79, edition of 3 + 1 AP


Selfish, inkjet print, cm 80 x 60, edition of 5 + 1 AP. Special thanks to Massimiliano Briarava (performer) and Alessandro Rivola (photo).