2011, 02:49, 576 x 720 px. (English / Italian subtitles)

This experimental short film is inspired by Gianluca Di Dio’s novel Prospero (Ed. Pequod, 2010): a story of paradoxical injustice in the city of Milan during the the age of terrorism in the seventies. The basic concept of the novel, revenge, recalls William Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest.

The video tries to stage the interaction between the novel’s basic two dimensions: contemporary-realistic vs theatrical-poetic-remote. Ariel, spirit of the air, finds himself dancing in the polluted sky above a big factory, which represents a symbol of the ecological injustice imposed by the big multinationals dominating the capitalistic system. In this strange scenery Ariel adresses Prospero with the very same words of The Tempest’s first dialogue.

Director, performer, script, camera, editing, VFX, animation, sound design: Karin Andersen; voices: Christian Rainer, Karin Andersen; texts from William Shakespeare, The Tempest

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