A trip to Astra Raslovo

2004, 03:30, 720 x 576 px.

Karin’s first digital animation based on photographs taken in the Salvator Rosa underground station in Naples. A reflection on fragile ecosystems and a tribute to the work of architect/designer/artist Alessandro Mendini who designed this beautiful futuristic metro station.

(Synopsis) Astra Raslovo ist a very particular place where strange insectoid creatures live. You might get there by subway, catching line 1 at Naples Piazza Dante, destination Cilea. Astra Raslovo can be accessed due to a space-time-anomaly, occasionally occurring in this part of the subway tunnel. It is not clear how often and in which ambient conditions the phenomenon will appear. Therefore transiting Astra Raslovo is an absolutely accidental and a very rare opportunity. Astra Raslovo’s eco-system is supposed to be very instable and its inhabitants very fragile. Please pay attention.

Photography, animation, editing, sound design: Karin Andersen

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