Time to Leave

2019, 03:58, 1920 x 1080px.

Two androgynous underground artists are assembling strange devices in their workspace. Stepping out in the deserted suburban surroundings at night they perform a surprising experiment. The video is inspired by George Didi-Huberman’s and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s reflections on endangered yet powerful minor cultures beyond mainstream.

Music: Christian Rainer, “Time to Leave”, from the album “Call for Doves”, Minus Habens Records 2019

Performer: Carlotta Pircher, Christian Rainer; screenplay: Karin Andersen, Gianluca Di Dio; director, set design, editing: Karin Andersen; camera & lighting: Alessandro Rivola; camera assistants: Francesco Biondi, Alice Rainone; make-up & hair: Regina Lunelli Pancaldi, Federica Bodini; costume design: Emanuela Dall’Aglio; tailor: Luca Speranza; firefly bike technicians: Bike Empire, Bologna; scooter driver: Alessandro Paoli. Produced by Gianluca Di Dio & Karin Andersen (Siguldafilm).