A series in progress dealing with archetypes, stereotypes and theriomorphic folk imagery of my birthplace in Southeast Bavaria.


Marsbaum, 2021, Inkjet, cm 50 x 35, edition of 20.

In Marsbaum I tried to stage a paradoxical collision between Bavarian folk customs and interplanetary space exploration, in order to question our opinions on the distance between what we define home and what we define foreign/abroad/exotic, and to take the local-global dialectic to a new dimension in a playful way.


Landwesen, 2012, installation of 9 lambda prints mounted on alluminium, cm 55 x 70, edition of 5 + 1 AP. Courtesy Galleria Melepere, Verona

A project inspired by the figure of the Wild Man and a reflection on the impossibility to clearly and universally define what is beautiful and what is monstrous.