In the same way as the serie’s title Hymat is a subtle and queer variation of the german word Heimat (native place, where you feel deeply rooted, in a geographical, cultural or even spiritual sense), in these images i try to stage unexpected mutations in the setup of local historical custom imagery, allowing the archetypical zoomorphic figures to respectfully stretch and alter the traditional iconographic frameworks.


Marsbaum, 2021, Inkjet, cm 50 x 35, edition of 20.

In Marsbaum I tried to stage a paradoxical collision between Bavarian folk customs and interplanetary space exploration, in order to question our opinions on the distance between what we define home and what we define foreign/abroad/exotic, and to take the local-global dialectic to a new dimension in a playful way.


Landwesen, 2012, installation of 9 lambda prints mounted on alluminium, cm 55 x 70, edition of 5 + 1 AP. Courtesy Galleria Melepere, Verona

A project inspired by the figure of the Wild Man and a reflection on the impossibility to clearly and universally define what is beautiful and what is monstrous.