A Glimmering Darkness – Teaser

2018, 03:39, 1920 x 1080 px

A short teaser reassuming preparatory studies for the film project A Glimmering Darkness by Karin Andersen & Gianluca Di Dio.

Director, script, editing, set design: Karin Andersen; script: Gianluca Di Dio; script/editing consultants: Michael Klette, Beatrice Babin; cinematography: Alessandro Rivola, Lukas Steglich, Anapì Stori; VFX: Tommaso Arosio; music: Mattia Cipolli, Christian Rainer; performers: Carlotta Pircher, Massimiliano Briarava, Christian Rainer.

For private link and password to view the film please contact karinova (at) gmail.com